About ChiPower.com

The Chi Power Product Line, was founded in 1980, by Herschel Jones in Middletown, OH. Mr. Jones studied many different methods of energy cultivation from various exponents of the martial and mental arts.

Through his understanding of these esoteric methods and techniques, he built a course designed to help ordinary individuals to understand and tap into the hidden God given abilities that all human beings have.
The original course was the popular “Chi Power Plus” chart and instructions. This course sold the world over and was one of the first courses to instruct individuals on how to harness their internal energy to move objects without touching them, put a candle out with the eyes only, how to move with cat like speed, and many other interesting skills.

Back in the 80’s this information was hard to find, so the Chi Power Plus course filled the void that was in the market. That very same course is still a best seller and is complimented with several other mind expanding and energy enhancing products like Pressure Points Chart, Advanced Chi Videos, Mastery Through Meditation,  and others.

ChiPower.com  is committed to helping people reach their goals in all areas of their life. ChiPower.com products are simple, easy to understand information that take no real skill other than following directions and learning how to create some new training habits. With a unique blend of products, these unique products have the cutting edge technology to lead individuals into the next millennium.