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The Biggest Mistakes Qi Energy Practitioners Make

Over the last couple of days I’ve had hundreds of people write me about “THE SEQUENCE” Master Class with Questions and I wanted to highlight one of those questions in particular.

Sam hit reply and wrote the following:

“Sifu. I’m on the fence about registering for your Master Class because I’m not sure it’s really going to work for me. I’ve seen so much stuff that was all hype and I just wasted my money.   I don’t mind investing the time, but I need to know it works.”

To answer Sam: Yes. The sequence works. When I first started doing this type of training I felt the same way you did, but let me tell you what I’ve found in over 20 years of training with esoteric training methods.

Excuse my French, but there is a lot of BS out there…

Trust me, I’ve had to wade through the waters of ineffective techniques for years when I was getting started…

I’ve spent money out of my own pocket to travel and meet someone who was going to show me something significant only to be disappointed.

Like the Japanese Grandmaster I drove all the way to NYC to meet…This guy was “ki throwing” his students around like rag dolls.

I was respectful and allowed him to do some of his parlor tricks on me. I tried to go with the flow until I couldn’t put up with it anymore…

He told me to get down on the ground….

He said he would hold me in place with his Ki (remember Japanese use Ki as their word for energy).

I got on the ground. He started doing some huffing and breathing and asked me if I was paralyzed by his Ki.

I got right up… and used my own Chi to move him…

One of his students came up to me, and said, “Your Ki is stronger than Sensei’s Ki, how long have you been training?” At the time I had been at this about 7 years.

Yes my Chi was stronger, because I used methods that actually work, not something that doesn’t.

I left there feeling a little dejected because I really thought I was going to learn something cool…

I found out that the path I was on was one that I could rely on.

Why were my techniques better?

Very simply, I paid the price to find the best instructors out there and paid them to teach me. In some cases, they wouldn’t take payment, but I would barter things with them.

When looking for an instructor, I had a criteria and here what it is. In fact, you should use this criteria yourself…

  1. Can the instructor actually perform at a high level or do they just talk about it– And can their students to it?
  1. Will the instructor have a step by step system for results that can be used by anyone?
  1. Does the instructor put more importance on lineage, than actually being able to use internal energy?
  1. If you put in the proper time, will you learn how to emit your internal chi energy?
  1. Does the course or instructor offer many different aspects of how to train based on the results you want?
  1. Does the course or instructor fully understand the possible side effects involved in Chi Kung or Chi Power Training?

Tomorrow, I’m going to answer some other questions I’ve gotten, but I want you to really think on this as you think about how this method can help you get the desired results…


The Sequence | Masterclass

If you only used this method to create more vibrant health and vitality… would it be worth the small price you’re paying today?

If you only did a fraction of the exercises, but they gave you a “Calm and Relaxed” Mindset… would it be worth what I’m asking you to invest?

If you’re ready to say yes and see inside how I’ve helped thousands of people just like you from all over the world get the results they want, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Click Here to Get Access to “THE SEQUENCE” MASTER CLASS.

This  Special Launch Deal Goes Away once I sell the remaining spots, and you’ll have to pay over $300 more for the system.

If you have any final questions that I didn’t answer in this email, just click the reply button. PLEASE HURRY THOUGH. When I fill all the spots no exceptions will be made.

I’m Excited for you to Join The Master Class and know you’ll love it and will have a system you can use for years to come.

Sifu Perhacs

PS– If you have any questions or concerns, just let me know.

Here is the link again to get immediate access.

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