Are You a Hero?

Are You a Hero?

I just finished watching a new television program entitled “Heroes”, which is on NBC…. The program is about a group of people with extraordinary abilities, whose paths cross in a rather unique way….This showcases skills that some may have, in what is a fictional story, but nonetheless impressive fashion…

Anytime I watch a program like this that shows the potential of the body, I think of all the wonderful and amazing people I have met over the years since I have been Chi Power Training….

What really is the potential of the human body, mind and spirit? I use the body, mind and spirit, because they are all parts of our being at this point…..

Some day, we may lose our body (the shell), and our spirit will continue with our mind…

What I have learned over the years, is that many things are not what they originally seem…When I first read about moving objects without touching them, I didn’t believe it to be true. Or when someone mentioned they had heard of an ESP type of event, I found it hard to comprehend…..

One thing I did, when I started this training, is I took the information I was given and started to cross reference it. I wanted to know if I was wasting my time, or could I really achieve some of the things I had read about….

I found hundreds of books on various subjects. I spoke with people who had themselves witnessed abilities that were above the norm. Once I could see that these things were happening to others. Why couldn’t I learn them for myself?

And I found out there are a lot more unique and gifted people in this world than you can ever imagine…Heroes if you will. People that have or are in the process of maximizing their body’s true potential….They are believers of what can be, not what is…

I read books….Lots of books. I traveled to parts of the country to meet these individuals that could show me some real skills. Some of these I learned from, others I just took what they showed me and related it into my training.

Think about this……If only 1/10th of 1 percent of the population has a tendency to have a Chi Power Skill above and beyond the normal person, there would be still be millions of people (assuming the population of 6 Billion) that have these skills…..That is a pretty astounding number, don’t you agree?

What if, you could teach your body exercises that could re-train the body & mind to learn and become more than you could ever imagine?

Would you do it?

Could you have the belief and faith to go the distance?

We are heroes, when we make our mind up to be one….When we decide that we will take the chance, invest the time into training and become more than what others might think we could be….

I remember, when I first started my training, my instructor gave me very specific instructions on how I could learn how to put a candle out with my eyes-only….. I took his advice and did the training every day until I could achieve that goal…

As a matter of fact, it took me 60 days or more of consistent training and meditating every day to be able to do that little Chi Power Focus Test…

Listen up…. It took me 60 days to achieve that…..

But, for 59 straight days, I couldn’t do it….I tried every day, but I was not successful! Will most people train 7 days a week for 60 days to see a result? Some will, some won’t and some will start, and then stop, start and stop again….Never putting in the time to get the goal….

The key for me, is I stayed in touch with my instructor and I trained every day, believing that what he told me was in fact true, and more importantly that I could do it…. Once I saw that little result, I knew I could continue on to get even better results….

That was many years ago, and I have experienced a lot more than a simple “Parlor Trick”…

You too can experience wonderful things if you are willing to do the following:

  1. Train with the exercises prescribed in our program daily
  2. Expect the exercises and meditations to work
  3. Stay in touch with us and let us coach you along the way
  4. Believe in yourself more than you ever have before (and we’ll help you)

I believe you can become more than you ever thought….A hero if you are willing to put in the time and effort to do some things that most people won’t, for a result that most people will never, ever get….

Look for our updated “Abilities of the Chi Power Practitioner” very soon…..

Sifu Perhacs

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