Challenge Yourself this 2014!

The New Year is about to come. For sure, a lot of us are expecting so much to come this 2014. People normally boast of their New Year’s resolutions and set new goals. How about giving yourself a challenge this 2014?

GoalsGuy eBooks1.What are the goals do you really want to achieve?

Be specific on what you really want to start and pursue this year.

2.) Why do you want to achieve those goals?

What is your purpose and motivational drives for these goals?

3.) Do you now have any idea of who can help you to achieve those goals?

Find the right people to give you the right help in finding the right track to what you want to have.

4.) Are you aware of the goal stage where you are now?

It’s very essential to assess your current condition. Understand and analyze the facts, whether strengths and weakness; they all can be stepping stones on how you can go on attaining those goals.

5.) Determine how you can realize the goals that you’ve set. Are you ready with the steps, techniques and assignments that you must do and utilize?

6.) When are you seeing those goals to be working for you? Do you have a time frame? How about setting a deadline to motivate you more?

Taking the Chance

So true! Everything counts. Every second of our life is a precious chance to be taken and utilized at its most.

However, let’s admit it. There are many wasted times that we just have disregarded. Regrets, we may have but hey, time lost will never be recovered. And that’s what we must avoid if we want to make 2014 the best year ever!

With all the shortcomings we’ve compiled for the past year, there comes the collection of resolutions we often hear also from others. It seems that it becomes a tradition that every year, new plans, and new changes are to be formulated make oneself better.

Is your resolution one of these?

a. Getting Fit?

b. To Have a More Balanced Life


c. Get a More Productive

There are more, definitely! You may be overwhelmed of what you want to change and recreate with yourself. Now, the question is how to turn your resolutions into reality.

Have Your Plans and Strategies

Comparing your life before and the life that you want to achieve will help you get more focused and more motivated.

Learning to have a personal strategic plan is the first step to improve your life.



When it comes to strategies, strive to do them effectively. Here’s how:

Your Goals are Achievable!

This year, you must challenge yourself to become stronger, to become more persevering. You have set your goals and what must be done is to implement the strategies.

Do not left those goals unattended. There are people who fail because they are just good at the start but lose the energy to go on.

Your future awaits you.



This is the time for you to act.

Results are everything



Do not waste time.


The above useful tips are all what you need to start this coming year fast, focused and fired up. Challenge yourself ! Act fast and do not waste time.

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