Chi Techniques : Using Qigong and Kung Fu to Enhance Your Mind and Body

There are many Chinese traditions and customs which have mystified and fascinated most of us. The art of Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qigong were developed to conserve the well being of a person, making the body stronger and sharpening the mind as well. These arts are becoming popular in many western countries like the United States where many people are engaging in practicing them.

Managing weight and maintaining fit is the main concern of people nowadays. Everyone is searching for ways to maximize their time and effort that they spend on it. Qigong is an exercise that heals both the mind and the body of a person. It burns all the calories that they can through strenuous exercises like impact aerobics which aids back and neck pain and in addition, providing mental relief from stress, fatigue and even depression.

Accordingly, this technique forms a core component of most Chinese practices and is used to help in therapeutic purposes, in the medical community, for spiritual well being, health maintenance and in the Chinese martial arts. Also written as Chi Kung, this technique literally means breath or energy exercise. The variety of movements used in the practice, activate and circulate the qi or energy within the body. At a very basic level, you couple your breathing with gentle movements of your body. However, there is a higher purpose to these movements. Continue through these movements and benefit from regulated breathing and focused attention on special energy centers within and around the body, which is used to heal ones body and vitalize the mind.

Kung Fu, on the other hand, is characterized by coordinated, explosive power and some of the more modern routines include great jumping kicks, which are descendants of the more traditional kung fu forms and acrobatics. It involves stretching and calisthenics moving onto tougher endurance training, pushing you to levels of fitness that would otherwise have been impossible to achieve. Learning this activity increases your long term and short-term stamina, tones your muscle making you lighter and more flexible on your feet.

Habitual practice of Qigong and Kung Fu can help a person can acquire ultimate fitness and health.

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