How Long Does It Take to Become a Chi Power Master?

How Long Does It Take to Become a Chi Power Master?

It seems like this is one of the top questions I get from those that travel onto our website. Everyone wants to know how long it will take before they can:

Move objects without touching them

– Remote View

– Open up the third eye

– Increase their health

– Learn how to heal

This is just a short list, but you can imagine the list is endless, because the potential is endless with what you can do with your body and mind when you do the proper training to build up your energy…

The answer however is not an easy one…

The answer is… How much time are you willing to invest, believing that the results will manifest?

Are you disciplined enough to train daily?

Do you have some level of faith that will allow you to believe in something that is not there in front of you, but instead on the inside of you?

That last one is the toughest of all, because if you don’t believe, you will not succeed at this. It takes a level of belief in those things that are not readily known or understood…

It is going from the known to the unknown, and not many people have the tenacity for this…

So how do you get good fast?

There really is only one way, and that is living, breathing & sleeping this type of training. Now, what do I mean by that?

Do you know why there are wondrous stories about the Shaolin Monks and the amazing skills they had?

The reason: They could devote their entire life to the practice…

In order to get really good, really fast, you need to be with a group that will allow you to literally train 24/7. This of course has its limitations.

#1- Who can devote time to this kind of regimen?

#2- Where do you find one of these groups?

Those two questions are the ones you need to ask yourself, because therein lies the answer to the question posed in the beginning of this article…

Does that mean it is the only way? Absolutely not!

You can study the methods taught by us and begin to build layer upon layer of chi energy and experience with these skills…It may take longer, but we believe if you persist, you will reach your goal…

Now the good news, is that during the process, you become far more healthy and young looking than you can imagine…You become the “Ageless Wonder”.

So what is your next step?

The next step is to enter into our Advanced Chi Training Program and start to walk the walk of getting to the next step in your development…

It is a commitment to building something that is rarer, because it will allow you to meet the one true you…

Call or email if you have questions…


Sifu Perhacs

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