Finding Today the Real Meaning of Christmas

Applying the Christmas Essence in Everyday’s Journey


It’s Christmas season again, the time when the world is filled with the spirit of festivity and merriment.  People from all walks of life, young and old, are all looking forward to this time of year. Everybody seems to be anticipating of somewhat like magic in the air. How could this be so different from the other days of the year?

Remember when we’re still kids and curiously watching the chimney where it is believed that Santa Claus will be coming? Remember the moments when we gleefully opened the gifts named for us under that bright Christmas tree? How about listening to the Christmas carols and spending the Christmas eve together with your family? For sure, these all bring back smiles as you reminisce them all. Oh! How gaily the childhood is when being nurtured to the idea that Christmas is the season to be joyful for the special treats it brings to us.

Time may have passed and years may have been added to our age, yet the excitement that Christmas brings to us does not diminish as we get older, and experience changes around us. Still, we have this kind of thrill and anticipation in our hearts, either because of our own wishes, or the smiles and giggles we see on our children’s and loved ones faces. Such moments of being together with the most important people in our life are the most to be cherished.

Putting the Real Meaning of Christmas in our Present Life

The story of Christmas has long been a favorite story of most people. It is not only a divine story of a child being born in the manger and brought us the unconditional love that has caused our sins to be redeemed. We all are familiar with that. But have ever thought of really delving into its deeper meaning? Do we really understand the essence on the towering Christmas trees, decorated hollies, gifts, appetizing foods and cards? Christmas is an annual reminder for all of us that the following must be in our hearts and minds:

  • Gratitude. Christmas day reminds us that every day must be a Thanksgiving Day. The birth of Jesus Christ signifies hope and blessings. With that it is nothing but necessary to give back appreciation and gratitude to all the blessings that we are presently receiving. Be thankful for the times you’ve been bestowed by happy moments, they’ve made you realized that life is beautiful; be thankful to those struggling times, they have made you understand that there are many things unnoticed that are needed to be appreciated. Well, let’s admit it: we often are focused to what we want to have, not paying attention to what we have in life. A simple reminder: “Do not cry for you don’t have a pair of shoes, there are people out there who don’t have feet.” Christmas day is teaching us to have the value of gratitude and contentment.
  • Humility. People are having either a rough road or a smooth track as their journey in life gets ahead. The story of Jesus Christ NEVER boasts anything, but it clearly states that simplicity and being humble are the foundation of the birth of the Saviour.
  • Sharing of love. Love is the best gift one can share to anyone. There is no greater way of showing how much you valued the person and the moments with that person but to give genuine love, concern and selfless understanding.

This year, we still look forward to another marvelous and remarkable Holidays. We may have decorated our homes with bright and incredible decorations. We’ve planned the menu and the programs to be held, all set for the holiday season.

There is nothing wrong with that, especially if we are doing the things that can make us better people. Seize every opportunity. There are chances that are only once to come our way.

Just as so Christmas which is marked on the calendar as a single day only, however, I am sure that God will be gladder if we will make each day a season of joy, giving, love and understanding.

Our life is the most treasured God’s gift to us, something that is more exciting to open. Enjoy the magic of Christmas…you know where it is to be found? This is where God is in you, the meaning of the child born to save us, and the hope brought by the lights and decors we see around.

Happy Holidays everyone and may the magnificent blessings of Christmas and amazing opportunities of New Year showered all of us!

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