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Black Friday & the 7 Pillars of Quantum Qigong

I guess I’ve stirred up a hornets nest of activities from all of my emails, because I keep getting some excellent questions that I certainly want to answer…

Today is Black Friday, and what I’d like to offer to you is not only some wisdom, but to let you know that while I still have a few spots open, you can get access to my MIND FORCE QUANTUM QIGONG SEQUENCE MASTER CLASS.

And save over $300… Once I close it down, I won’t be opening it back up to the public until next year, and it will be for $300 more!


So, I’ve gotten a lot of questions, but one that seems to be asked is the following:

“What exactly will I be able to do when I’m done with this 4 week course”?

Valid question, and quite frankly it might take me a couple of emails to answer this completely, but let me take a stab at it…

Over the years, I’ve created 7 Pillars for the Mind Force Quantum Qigong System and it’s really not about what “YOU CAN DO” but really “WHAT YOU CAN BECOME”

I’ve always told people over the years that techniques and parlor tricks are cool, but most people won’t believe them anyway or will think something’s wrong with you so why even bother?

Well, for one thing, everything you do that can show that Mind Force or Qi is real, will help you to develop faster and stronger and that’s not a bad thing– More on this later…

Here are the 7 Pillars that you’ll learn to become proficient at (over the years).

  1. How to Create and Build an Energy Body
  2. Understanding Qi and Food
  3. Mind Force & Qigong Training
  4. Magnetic Qi-Attraction
  5. Extreme Relaxation Techniques
  6. Developing Mind Force Power 
  7. Astonishing Physical, Mental & Spiritual Skills


#1– Creating and Building a Qi Energy Body


If you’re reading this, you already know you have qi. It’s the energy in your body you live with daily.

What I’m talking about is consciously creating a body of energy that you desire. Just like someone who lifts weights can build up their muscles, you can build a bigger and stronger energy body than you ever could imagine.

Part of this is understanding what is at play here and how it works…

It’s about increasing the size and strength of the nerve fibers in your body so that you can send more qi through it…

This one concept alone is something that most instructors either don’t teach or don’t even know how to do…

There are specific Physical and Mental exercises in order to do this…

And doing them in the correct “SEQUENCE” is the key…

Think of it this way, the bigger you can make them, the more qi you can send through them…

Just like a small hose gets one type of pressure, but a fire hose is an entirely different kind of pressure…

Same thing with electrical wires…The bigger the wire, the larger the potential output…

Your body is no different…

You give it stimulus, you create growth…

You run, you build up your lung capacity…

And that is just part one of the 1st pillar of MIND FORCE QUANTUM QIGONG

Stay tuned for tomorrow as I’ll go into more detail on some of the other pillars you’ll become intimate with inside of the 4 Week Master Class…

Inside of  “The Sequence” Master Class You Get:

In 4 short weeks…

As you log-in to your members’ area and follow along through each of the modules in this MASTER CLASS and attend the weekly live training you will…

  1.  Discover The Missing Pieces to Getting Amazing Results

Training the mind and the energy body are very similar to training the physical body, you just have to know the correct way to do it. Many use antiquated methods that don’t work as well as our scientific methods of training.

  1. Unearth the “Hidden” Methods That All The Experts Use

Energy training is scientific and you’ll hear me say it over and over again. That means we use techniques that have been tested over time to create reliable results. Your energy body has a multifaceted structure to create, increase, store and emit energy. You’ll learn exactly how to do it.

  1. Learn “The Sequences” to All Essential Mind Force and Energy Training

In music, you have certain notes that equate the type of sound you get. In math you have a correct way to use numbers. In language, there is a certain sequence for every word. The English language has 24 letters, that create millions of words, put together in a certain sequence. You’ll learn the core exercises that can serve you for a lifetime creating many different possibilities, techniques and exercises.

  1.  Understand the Core Concepts of How to Build Chi, Create Powerful Mind Force, and Tap into Your Psychic Self

You’ve always had chi…You’ve always been psychic, and you’ve always had an incredible amount of Mind Force. Unfortunately over time, if we don’t use it, we lose it very slowly until we hardly recognize the power we once had as children. You’ll learn how to re-awaken your body, mind and spirit and engage at an entirely new level of understanding.

<———–Each Module Contains Profound Secrets———–>

Module 1: Cultivating Vital Energy with The Triad Method Phase I–The key of this training is understanding how all 3 pieces of the Triad Method tie together and how you can begin immediately to get the benefits.

Module 2: Building Up Massive Amounts of Qi with “The Sequence” –You’ll discover some nuances to qigong exercises that you’ve never known, even if you’ve been practicing for 20 years. This is the start of methods that drastically reduce the time it takes to build etheric energy.

Module 3: Creating High Voltage Mechanisms for Building Dynamic Qi –Creating “Dynamic” Qi is a secret that only the very best practitioners even know about. This method allows you to always be in a building phase with your Qi to be able to use for manifestation, creation or healing.

Module 4: The Secret Software to Create Your Own High Powered Sequence –Use technology to build your Mind Force and Qi Energy in a way that will allow you to grasp the concepts at an even more profound level– THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!

I’ll walk you through the special process of creating your very own energy harmonizing sequences so that you can maximize the amount of qi energy your building, storing and emitting. When You Do this The First Time You’ll be Shocked at how Much More Qi you’ll have…

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But Hang On…
I’m not done.

When you click on the link above you’ll notice two options. You can get everything

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In addition to getting access to the Master Class, I’m going to up the value by giving away three (3) of my top selling systems as a way for you to prepare for the class…


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The bonuses alone are worth close to $300 and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

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Everyone who has purchased “THE SEQUENCE” Master Class so far… and the  remaining 79 people who get in will all get  access to….

Something I Call….


This is my best selling set of manuals that sell everyday online for $47 digitally and $100 for the hard copies.

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I thought you could…

I’m providing all of these tools and systems, so you’ll be prepared to get the maximum out of the Master Class…

I know you’re going to love this additional bonus, and even if you already have it, just me mentioning this makes it even that more valuable and causes you to go back into the library and retrieve the knowledge it contains…


As Small as Your Investment will  be if you are one of the 100 to get

in before I sell out, I’m also offering  a monster guarantee.

The Sequence Guarantee…

You’ve got 30 Days to Put this into action with all the awesome techniques I’m going to blow you away with.

You’ll Feel The Chi in 10 Days or Less !

I guarantee you’ll see results and I back that up with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction. I know this system works as it has for thousands of people from all over the world.

If you go through all of the exercises and find they don’t work for you, I’ll continue to work with you until you get them to work…

Most of my clients see results in 10 days, which means they will start to feel the chi and recognize it in various parts of their body. I will show you exactly what you need to do to get magnificent results!

But Please Remember…

We are only selling 100 Copies and then we’re closing it down.

And when I open it back up, it probably won’t have the $300 discount coupon!

Oh, that’s right, since you’re on this list you can get a $300 discount right off the top.

Others will pay $300 more and you’ll get in and save a bundle.

No Fancy Sales Page…

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You’ll be Glad You Did…

This is being sent out to my entire customer list and that’s close to 30,000 people…

Please Make sure you don’t wait to grab your spot at this UNFAIR to ME Price.

I’ll see you inside The Master Class.

I’m so excited for you to get this incredible Sequence and System to work for you.

(you’ll see why once you get inside)


Sifu Perhacs

P.S. Got Questions about The Sequence? Just hit the Reply Button.

I’m here to answer them for you or just Click Here to get started.

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