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Make Lucid Dreams: Follow these Steps

For most of us, lucid dreaming might be strange. In simple explanation, lucid dreaming is when you are aware with what is happening on your dream while sleeping. Here, the dreamer can manipulate the scenes on dreams just the same as what we can do when we are awake. But doing supernatural things like flying, promoting for a higher position or being with your crush, can be done only in dreams.

We believe that lucid dreamers are rare. Thinking that they have higher brain waves than the common individual like us. But what if I tell you that you have the same power just like them? What if you can also do it simply by applying the right electrical current at the right frequency to the brain?

psychic power

Some research suggests that you can apply tools to make a setting which is perfect for lucid dreaming.

An Oxford study proposes that some of us are just “made” for lucid dreaming:

The neurophysiological correlates of dreaming remain unclear. According to the “arousal-retrieval” model, dream encoding depends on intrasleep wakefulness. Consistent with this model, subjects with high and low dream recall frequency (DRF) report differences in intrasleep awakenings. This suggests a possible neurophysiological trait difference between the 2 groups.


Follow the steps to make lucid dreams:

  • During deep sleep, wake up and then go to bed.
  • Before you go to sleep, write an A, stands for awake in your palm. Look down at your hand and say, “Am I awake?” If you can see the “A” that means you are awake. If you don’t see the “A” when you are dreaming, and you ask yourself that question, you will know you are dreaming and can attempt to alter your dreams with your mental awareness.
  • Turn off all cell phones, computers, televisions, or ‘screens’ at least an hour before bed, and meditate instead. During your meditation invite lucid dreaming. Tell yourself, “I welcome lucid dreams.”
  • Try waking up but keep your eyes closed. Observe what happens in your “waking” dream state. As soon as you are fully awake, write down what you observed. This trains your mind to be aware in the twilight state between waking and sleeping.

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