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Weird News! Check This Out

Man …this was weird. OK – I know I teach some really esoteric stuff, but it seems  like all the calls I’m getting are from people with real tangible skills… –> One guy says he can see his girlfriend getting dressed, and she lives 10 miles away! –> Another sees weird things and hears music…

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Mastering the Sequence to Get More Power

Okay, so I’m in New Jersey, where I’m feverishly working on some  really new exciting  news for you on the Mind Force Quantum Qigong Sequence that I mentioned the other day. Anyway, my wife calls me into the kitchen, and is complaining that  her fingers are numb and all the color is drained out of…

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Doctor Strange Like Training Sequence…

I’m not saying you’ll have skills like in the new Doctor Strange Movie, but I’ve seen many people do some really “strange” things (no pun intended) over the years… Not only have I developed some “Mad Skills” over the years, I’ve helped thousands all over the world to do the same… And in fact some…

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Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange Has Some Amazing Skills, but Do You?

Before you get mad at that obviously “mean” blog title… keep reading… it will make sense in just a second. Before I get into all of that though, DID YOU SEE THE MOVIE DR. STRANGE over the weekend? As a person interested in the Mystic or Esoteric arts, you will love the movie… My wife…

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Do you want to experience the power of Chi?

Thousands of People From All Over The World Use the Power of Chi to Develop Extraordinary Skills…Be one of them! Click on the Survey Button Below  

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The Essence of Chi Energy and Power

Do you believe in the notion that there is energy running through you and around you? That all these times, some of your energy is up there, floating off and runs through everything you know and you hold dear. The only thing that could keep your focus on what’s happening around you is by having…

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Keep your Chakras Aligned to Achieve Total Wellness

You may be hearing or reading some info about chakras. They serve as energy fields in our body. However, in times they are not in balance, our body can be definitely affected. And since they are connected with each other, once you’ve got physical ailment, your mental health will be weak. Here are some signs…

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11 Training Blueprints to Learn how to Manifest Astonishing Abilities

Do you want to learn how to manifest astonishing abilities and use them to be expert in either physical skills or spiritual capacity? Did you know there are many different kinds of energy? Do you know the difference? Do you know that some are good for physical fighting and others are more for healing? Would…

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A Bare-Handed Natural Healing Method | Natural Healing Review

**This is Guest Post   I have to admit, I’m no longer the young, able-bodied boy I used to be. Age has caught on with both my mind and body, and at times I wondered if there was anything I should be living for, when my body is failing me and I can’t achieve all…

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This is your start to learn chi and use it to make your life better!

  Thank you for completing the survey! You are now on your way to getting into the important step towards increasing your energy. I really appreciate you answering those questions. It tells me you are truly inspired about changing your life… getting better and unleashing your potentials! What you are about to experience is pathway…

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