lucid dreaming | esoteric skills

Make Lucid Dreams: Follow these Steps

For most of us, lucid dreaming might be strange. In simple explanation, lucid dreaming is when you are aware with what is happening on your dream while sleeping. Here, the dreamer can manipulate the scenes on dreams just the same as what we can do when we are awake. But doing supernatural things like flying,…

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psychic power | esoteric skills

Facts you Should Know about Psychic Power

Thus it has always been a mystery on how psychic powers exist. We get amazed when someone surprisingly knew something about us. We, be like, “How did you?” or “What?!” Then we were left astounded with what they did. Some people believe and some don’t. A few would say that it’s just luck while others…

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chi | chi energy


Image Credit: Pixabay Originated from ancient China, chi is a powerful exercise for the development of mind and body. The concept of chi extends beyond the physical body.  There is growing evidence that chi energy, this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art and has value in treating or preventing many health…

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Expanding your Qi Gong Skills the Better Ways

More and more people are getting interested in learning amazing techniques using qi gong. Not only in the field of health, but it also brings a lot more benefits to people who keep themselves on the right track of learning and utilizing qi gong techniques. These basic qigong exercises can improve chi flow, posture and…

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qigong | qi gong benefits

Health Benefits you can Get from Learning Qi Gong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing exercise that involves meditation and is integrated by physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. The word Qigong (pronounced as chee-gong) is made up of two words in which qi refers to life force and gong that means accomplishment. Together, it is a system of practiced for health maintenance…

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Quantum Qigong | CyberMonday

FINAL NOTICE for the Qi Master Class

Image Credit Today is the last day you can get your hands on my brand new MIND FORCE QUANTUM QIGONG SEQUENCE MASTER CLASS and save $300. I’ll be opening it back up sometime in 2017, but the price will be $300 higher… Why would you even want this? Only if you want more energy, power…

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Black Friday | Quantum Qigong

Black Friday & the 7 Pillars of Quantum Qigong

I guess I’ve stirred up a hornets nest of activities from all of my emails, because I keep getting some excellent questions that I certainly want to answer… Today is Black Friday, and what I’d like to offer to you is not only some wisdom, but to let you know that while I still have…

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Qi | qigong

[Video] These Combinations Work Like Crazy…

Let me make this fast… I shot a short video because someone asked the question… “How can you effectively teach all of these amazing techniques?” Well, for one thing I’ve been doing this for over 20 years! I’ve made my share of mistakes over the years, but now have a system that is efficient and…

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The Sequence | Qigong

The Biggest Mistakes Qi Energy Practitioners Make

Over the last couple of days I’ve had hundreds of people write me about “THE SEQUENCE” Master Class with Questions and I wanted to highlight one of those questions in particular. Sam hit reply and wrote the following: “Sifu. I’m on the fence about registering for your Master Class because I’m not sure it’s really going to work for…

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The Sequence | Masterclass

“The Sequence” Master Class that Changes Everything

Over the last few days I’ve taken you through some unique concepts on Mind Force and Quantum Qigong . I walked you through the secrets of relaxation for use with advanced meditation techniques.. By Being Specific. And I told you that it took me years to find the right “sequence” to get everything to work…

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